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"Maybe Tommy's the one we should be worrying about," John laughed. "Well, at least you're good looking." "Well, at least you're good looking." "Oh thanks," I said sarcastically, "You guys are fucking unbelieva-" I started but all of a sudden the doors opened to reveal Tommy, wet from the rain.

Imagine: Your secret relationship with the infamous London gangster was going extremely well. Well, as good as it could be considering you were a Shelby. But it all comes crashing down once your brothers discover you on your knees in front of him. Pairing: Alfie Solomons x Shelby!Reader. Word Count: 3K.

Sick!Tommy Shelby x reader : A Headcanon. tommysqt. DT: @scuzzyblinders because we love Cillian and he's a freaking KING yoooo. tommy shelby would never get sick; so he thought; in all the years you have been together ; not once have you seen Tommy sick ; not even a sneeze ; today was different;.

Originally posted by sunraysinmyeyes. Part 3. Summary: Reader's thoughts about the encounter, more problems start to appear, and Thomas being an asshole. Author's Note: English isn't my first language, this chapter took longer than planned (as well as the title of the fanfic haha), but I was very busy these days with the school, but here we are.And Rest In Peace, Helen McCrory.

And when they did, all was the same but one. Thomas Shelby was a shell of who he previously was. The lackluster coloring in his eyes made your heart ache, while the painful beauty gracing his face made your voice catch in your throat. And when he hardly hugged you back on the train platform, something inside you broke once more.

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Thomas Shelby x Female! Reader x Grace Burgess . Word Count: 1.1k. Warnings: Alcohol, creeps. A/n: This sucks, at least in my opinion, but at least it got done. I.

Hold Me Until I'm Strong. Pre-war!Tommy Shelby x Reader. Summary: Y/N gets pneumonia and things take a turn for the worst overnight.It's Tommy's worst nightmare. (angst with a happy ending, i promise) Word count: 4.1k Warnings: angst all the angst, lots of hurt/comfort, descriptions of illness (pneumonia), fainting, hallucinations, sad tommy but i promise it all turns out okay. Request: Tommy Shelby x reader , their married before the war and have been each other’s first everything, the reader is pregnant and her water breaks during a gala and the welcome the baby Word count: 921.